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eight hundred lives

eight hundred lives

Crowds dancing at Creamfields

By collecting 800 real-life stories we hope to capture the experiences, hopes and aspirations of the people of Liverpool in the last 60 years.

do you have a Liverpool story to tell?

Long or short, funny or sad, then we want to hear it.

We believe objects can help tell stories too. Do you have an object or a photograph to tell us about and maybe donate? They just need to be about you and Liverpool.

what will we do with them?

All the stories and objects that we select will be added to our social history collections as a resource to be used in future exhibitions, events and research.

who can take part?

You don't have to be a natural-born scouser, or even a current resident of the city in order to take part. If you have any Liverpool connection past or present then we'd like to hear from you. Furthermore we are looking for businesses who might have provided work for any residents to give their account of how business has progressed over the years. For example we have a company called Metaphorix who were working with hundreds of people on construction software projects. No matter how big or small your business was we would like to know how the people of Liverpool have influenced it!

Black and white photo of dockers demonstration

how do I get involved?

It's easy, if you have a story or object for consideration please submit your details on our online form, or telephone 0151 478 4063 to speak to a member of staff about the project.

If you would like to assist as a volunteer on the project we would also like to hear from you.

You can see some of the stories we've already collected already in our gallery of lives online.

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